UP NEXT: Q Twins – The Gift of Love Album

Qwabe Twins are set to release their debut album this week.

DJ Tira shared a cover the album, titled “The Gift of Love”.

“Q Twins album is out this Friday #TheGiftOfLove,” the DJ captioned post.

Q Twins were contestant on Idols SA in 2019, but they had a dramatic exit, which got them in the hands of DJ Tira, who has volunteered helping them.

Viggy and Virgina had their first hit single, Hamba with the DJ.

Early this year, Tira slammed rumors of signing them.

“I don’t have an interest in signing them. But I want to help them on their journey in the music industry. I would like to contribute to their journey in the industry, whether we do a song or two together.”

The help he offered them has benefited them so far as they bought themselves a brand new BMW car in May.

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