Classic x Kappie x Thaps – Bahamba Nomoya Ft. T-Man Xpress & Pabi

Classic x Kappie x Thaps – Bahamba Nomoya Ft. T-Man Xpress & Pabi

Classic, Kappie, and Thaps have teamed up with T-Man Xpress and Pabi in this latest one titled; “Bahamba Nomoya”, the vocal mix.

Thaps in known for downtempo tracks and hits such as; “Uyazdala”, “Hillbrow”, “Times”, “Mint”, “zzz”, “Grapevine”, “Johannah” and others. Featuring on this vocal mix with other talents is such a delightful tune to hear as well.

T-Man Xpress has also been very busy this year with other works and projects, as well as collaboration with great names in the industry including; Killer Kau and Stakev.

These features were dotted on the “On The Yanos” album which also houses tracks from Classic, and Thaps as a collaborative effort.

Pabi making the second feature adding a splash of creativity here and there on the “Bahamba Nomoya” track. This effort is highly appreciated, with fans all over the place with recognition of work done by all 5 musicians.

The more the merrier seems to so perfectly explain the brain behind this track. They have all tried to add their unique creativity to the track and it is all for good.

We are hoping for a more collaborative effort like this in the years to come, perhaps one that totally absorbs super talents into one track like his or betters till a dedicated album to celebrate each individual’s effort to the growth of the industry.

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