Jeriq – 11:11

JeriQ 11:11

JeriQ 11:11

11:11, performed by Jeriq. Your favorite, incredibly talented musicians Jeriq, bring you 11:11, a banger of a song that will light up our playlist, courtesy of Fakazagods. Download and enjoy this fantastic masterpiece—we all know this artist never lets us down. The song has replay value.

  • Released On: 2023
  • Originator: Jeriq
  • Song Title: 11:11
  • wordsmith: Leo Ifeanyi
  • Last Edited: 1 Minutes Ago

11:11 is available for free streaming and downloading at

Enjoy the stream down below.

The prolific hit maker didn’t miss a beat on this one because as soon as the beat dropped, he went hard. Oh my God, he started spitting bars. It was as hot as usual, and he created a song that we will play repeatedly. In fact, I would say that this song is a blessing for all playlists.

“11:11  Lyrics”

Fully focused on only doing things that will elevate me
Soso mgbago k’anyi na agbago Celebrating is guaranteed
Born and raised in the trenches
I was matured before eighteen, 11:11 I’m manifesting
I put in the work and stay positive

Adim interested in the bag only
On Motion no emotion
Progressing is my habit
Enwem ezigbo determination
Government bangle on me free me I’m on a thugman vacation
I am interested in the bag only
On Motion no emotion

My hopes are high
11:11 I’m manifesting greatness
Angel number CBN contact I’m moneyfesting pay check
Rolls Royce umbrella in a rainy weather that’s a special appearance
I want it in abundance I’m not contented with my content
Ezumike adia n’ebea mba

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