Vusi Nova reveals why he’s got failed relationships

Vusi Nova reveals he’s got recurring failures in relationships which has made him a single man but still believes in love.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE in a recent interview, the singer made this known and further stated reasons behind the failures.

“Can I tell you … I … It’s not that I don’t date or whatever. It’s just that for some reason it just never works out,” he said before laughing out loud.”

“I don’t know why it never works really. It’s either the person I am with is a problem or maybe I am the problem. I think it’s maybe because I focus too much on my music and once someone tries to come between me and my music, that’s a big no-no. Music is the love of my life. There’s nothing I do better.”

Vusi also told the publication that among his league, he is the only unmarried man left.

“I witnessed such a beautiful union. It was a fairy tale. Funny enough Somizi has a group he calls the ‘Brotherhood Cartel’, and now all of them are married except me. I am the only one not married.”

Though, he hopes to find love during this love season.

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