ZANO Teases Music From New Album

ZANO has taken to his social media and teased music from his upcoming album “Emily’s Son”. The album, due for release in the 2nd quarter of the year, has been in the works for the past 2years. In a previous interview, Zano mentioned that he felt he had to change the format that he had for the album as the sound of SA dance music was in a transition. He decided to hold the album back and explore the sounds that were on the rise and in mid-2019 he decided to start working towards the final edit of the album.

The album features well known talents in the music industry and new unheard voices that are bound to make an impact.  Some of the musicians Zano has worked with on “Emily’s Son” are Mobi Dixon, MFR Souls, Khuli Chana, Kaylow, Gaba Canal, Leehleza, Mpume, Tshego AMG, Cuebur, and Supta.

“I am excited to share another piece of me through the music as it has been a while since I released a body of work. My approach to working on an album is still steeped in the philosophy that you have to have a story to tell when working on a body of work. I am glad that I am putting this album together and the content satisfies me.”

For now, the people can hang on to the video clip on Zano’s social media profiles (@ZanoUrban across all social media platforms) while he finishes the album. Zano has a collaboration project coming out with Gaba Canal in a few weeks from now so the fans have a lot of music to keep them company before the album drops.

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