7 Ways to Increase your Reach on Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service providing on-demand access to over 50 million tracks, ad-free music radio, playlists, and more. Spotify is currently available in 43 countries, including the United States, Australia, and Mexico.

This platform is beyond amazing for artists looking to gain exposure because music is free on Spotify. One can put their phones aside and have them play endless songs while driving or perhaps going for a walk on a sunny morning.

What’s Great About Spotify?

Spotify is a place where you can get your music heard by millions of listeners. It’s one of the best places to listen freely to your favorite artists, collaborations, and maybe even upcoming artists.

It is also a great way to make money off your music through using ad-supported streams and Spotify’s partnership with record labels which provides artists with more revenue per stream.

What Can You Do To Make The Most Out of Spotify?

You can reach out to Spotify by creating a profile. We suggest creating an artist profile as opposed to a band or label profile because artist profiles have the potential for more plays on their songs than the band or label profiles do. This will help you gain a little bit more traction while trying to find your audience.


That being said, it’s not easy to have your music become popular. Some even prefer to buy Spotify plays to boost their revenue.

Regardless, here are 7 ways to increase your Spotify reach:

1. Optimize Your Spotify Profile

If you think a profile is worth nothing, think again. You can get the most out of your Spotify profile by following the tips below. You may find you increase your amount of plays on your songs with the help of these tips!

2. Upload Your Music and Add Tags

To gain more plays, it is important to upload your music to Spotify. If you don’t have a band or label account, then you need to make an artist profile for yourself.


The better your file quality is and the more tags you add to it, the more likely people will listen to it when they’re playing a playlist that includes it.

3. Get more streams with Spotify promotions

It’s unclear as to what kind of numbers Spotify promotions can provide but if you’re going to give one a try at least know that 10,000 plays will provide you with USD 1 in revenue. Do it for the money and take advantage before the video becomes obsolete.

4. Buy Spotify Streams

There are plenty of SMM platforms and servers available out there that can help you buy some streams for a minimalistic price.


This is one good way to give yourself a start because rolling stones gather moss. Once you buy Spotify streams you’ll see an increase in your daily streams and this whole process will also help out your revenue generation and that’s always a good thing.

5. Live Performances

It’s a great way to gain more exposure while also helping your music gets heard. If you don’t want to spend money on it, take advantage of free shows. Streaming is a great, free way to boost your Spotify profile and at the same time gain exposure for your music.


This is one of if not the best ways to raise your position on Spotify and that’s why this should be done with your manager’s knowledge and consent. This is also a good idea because it will help you get radio spots via terrestrial radio stations, which get paid for playing songs for people who listen on their Spotify accounts.

6. Join Spotify playlists

If you want to raise your platform, then getting onto a playlist is the way to go! Although it’s not easy, you can still do it by following some tips.


Make sure that you get at least 2,000 followers and make a solid Facebook page with a large Instagram presence. You can also upload your music to SoundCloud and YouTube.

7. Submit your music through Spotify’s Partnership

Spotify works with different record labels for it to work. For you to gain access to these artists, you need to make sure that you submit your music to the labels and then get one of the necessary approvals.


It’s also a good idea to consider connecting with Spotify. However, there are a lot of perks that come with this process and if you have a manager and have permission from them, then doing so is better than simply submitting everything through their inbox or Facebook page.


Spotify is overall a great place for musicians and artists to upload and distribute their tracks. It’s free, it has great exposure and it’s the best place to listen to music. However, you must know how to make use of this amazing platform for you to get more plays on your songs.


Buy Spotify streams or use various extensions to make your music more heard. Remember, the work you put in even outside of Spotify is a great way to boost your streams and make you more heard as an artist. Network and perform at every opportunity you get and keep singing that amazing song.


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