AKA announces his grandfather’s death

SA rapper, AKA announces his grandfather’s death on social media and also paid tribute to him.

Sharing a photo of Pa Derrick and Kairo Forbes, he said;

“Kairo and her great grandpa. My Grandfather. 💜 I’m happy they got to spend some time together. When I was younger he made sure that I would always read for him. A great thinker, an inventor. 6 children and from those came countless grandchildren and great grandchildren. He passed away this morning and I know he’s at ease now. Rest In Peace Pa Derrick Reed 💜 Stay strong Mom. Love You.”

Lots of friends and fans sent condolences to the rapper.

Da L.E.S promised to support AKA; “My deepest condolences my brother. Here for you with whatever you guys need.”

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