Cassper Nyovest & Tshego Spar Over Bonang’s Tweet

Cassper Nyovest, Tshego & Carpo

Bonang Mathemba may have joked about going into the business of owning a record label, to which many Mzansi rap artists urging her to kick it off.

But Cassper Nyovest was one of those on the other side of the rope, advising her against it. Mufasa responded to her initial tweet by saying: “You don’t want that stress. YOH!!! hehe. Di Artist!!! Yerrr”

It was thought that the dogs had gone to sleep, but they did roar to life, when Bonang responded to Cassper’s tweet by asking how many the Hip Hip titan had got on his label. Cassper replied,“Had four, only got 1 now. Don’t think I’ll ever sign again. Artists are stress. If you can handle the stress doe, go for it!!!”

This didn’t bode well with Tshego, who was once with Mufasa’s record label, and had since parted ways with him. He tweeted a reply in response to Mufasa’s:

“Please don’t “sign artists” if you not ready. Let’s keep it real all the way through. The artist you sign just might have higher standards than the ones you set for yourself”

He ranted on: “Accountability…Artists are not dogs…”Sit, stay, roll over while I go to work I’ll see you when I come back”. Lmao are you…crazy. This is business not a charity.“

Cassper on the other hand seemed to show maturity, by stating he was not cut out for arguments. The “Tito Mboweni” mastermind may have shown just shown us what it means to be set for 2020. He is busy after all.

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