DJ Zingle Drums Up Support For Other Female South African DJs

DJ Zinhle

Sensational act, DJ Zinhle has caught the eyes of the public for the right reasons. On Saturday, 21 December 2019, she went down memory noting on how the deejaying landscape for women had changed since she and the likes of DJ Cndo and DJ Lady Lea started the industry a couple of years ago.

After feeling nostalgic on the efforts in establishing the industry for others to grow, she then asked her followers to mention female deejays that they love, then retweeted the names in an effort to promote them. She definitely has a heart of gold, no doubt.

With 15 years of industry experience to her belt, AKA’s heartthrob, who also is a producer is a force that holds her own very well in the local music scene.

She has however hinted in one of her interviews, that she had once doubted her ability in the past.

The “Umlilo” hitmaker said, “My brother was working in the [music] business and I think the only time I ever thought I can literally be a DJ was when there was a show at UJ and they wanted DJs to come and play. I called my brother and I said: ‘Do you think I can DJ?’ And he’s like: ‘From what I’ve heard at home you can definitely DJ.’”

Those few words from her blood was sufficient to bolster her to take her first gig, and she had be able to lay the foundation and the building to steal top spot as one of the finest Disc Jockeys on the continent of Africa.

Zinhle is definitely a queen.

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