FULL VIDEO: BMWs, swords, fists and shirtless men in Kyalami estate brawl



The families involved in a violent street brawl in an estate in Kyalami, Midrand, have decided to “shake hands” and resolve the matter outside court.

In a video circulating on social media, a shirtless man armed with what appears to be a sword  attacks a second man.

“He’s got a knife. He is stabbing him with a knife. Look at this,” a woman can be heard saying.

The two men fall to the ground while they exchange blows with their fists.

Bystanders try to break up the fight.

“Break it up, break it up, break it up,” a man shouts.

In the background a woman attempts to stop a second shirtless man armed with a stick from getting involved.

One of the men, whose face is covered with what looks like blood, is seen lying on the street.

While the men get into their BMWs, a man can be heard saying: “Get my gun, get my gun.”

Security Company Special Ops 99, whose BMW was also spotted on the scene, told TimesLIVE on Monday morning that one of their salesmen was on his way to the shop when he noticed the fight.

According to an official at the company, the salesman lives in the area.

“His girlfriend was in the car with him. He had no intent to cause violence or get involved. He tried to break it up and defuse the situation.

“We are not part of security in that area and do not do security in the estates.”

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed that a charge had been withdrawn.

The video has tickled South Africans’ funny bones. 

When a person commented about one of the women saying “take my dog” in the middle of the video while people are rolling on the street fighting, one wit quickly responded: “If that was my husband/boyfriend, my dog would also come first.”

Other comments included: “Someone probably used an indicator”; “Was it maybe an argument at the BMW club meeting? Seems like they are all driving BMWs”; “Bel die polisie part 2 [phone the police]”; and “Classy, just classy. Which ballet school do you ladies belong to? Money’s never been able to buy class.”

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