Kelly Khumalo & Her Skin Lightening Products

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo is one celebrity who doesn’t care a hoot about what you say. Spit your venom on her, it doesn’t seem to penetrate her when it comes to her lightening products, which she displays online with pride.

In fact, she’s never be apologetic about the use of skin lightening products. She had once made an infamous statement saying, “I will bleach until Jesus comes.”

If you follow the trends on social media, the singer is seen regularly posting pictures of her glowing skin, attributing it to the lightening products she makes use of.

Her complexion has overtime become much lighter, and it is certainly blemish-free.

Eyes have rolled consistently towards her direction, as people are seeing her acts in a racially inclined and inferiority complexed manner.

The chants of “Embrace your looks”, ” Black is beautiful”, “Be Proud of your roots” are subtle jabs thrown at her when she goes on with her products online.

But these never seem to deter her a bit. And because of this, some Khumalo’s fans seems not to have a problem with the newly blonde bombshell promoting bleaching products and flooded her page with compliments.

A while back, the sensational singer had to speak out against allegations that she had something to do with ex-boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa’s, death.

That was a news that buzzed the air a while back. It seems the singing act has a boldness that few persons are endeared towards.

She is the queen of winning at the moment

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