No Fake Friends: Nomsa Bhutelezi Blocks Negativity

Actress and former Our Perfect Wedding presenter, Nomsa Butelezi says she is living her best life now that she doesn’t have to deal with fake friends.

Butelezi said the negative nancy who she thought was a friend – was always putting her down. She finally mustered up the courage to block and delete her from her socials and her life and well, she’s been living the good life since.

Unfortunately not all your haters are watching from afar, they can sometimes be right under your nose.

The star posted on the ‘gram that this friend was always putting her down and wanted to be “worshiped” by the Our Perfect Wedding presenter.

Uhm, excuse us? That’s a no from us too, Nomsa.

Nomsa shared the  positives of letting go of the toxicity with her followers and now she’s happier than she was before. Who knew?

Nomsa knows a lot of about feeling pressured to stay in a box because it feels uncomfortable or makes others uncomfortable but she’s no longer conforming.

As a plus-size and homosexual media personality, Nomsa stands up against internet trolls who taunt her and her lifestyle.

She’s also adamant about teaching her kids to stand up against bullies who taunt them because their mom is married to another woman.

Ms Nomsa better write a book, her wisdom and her bravery are unmatched and everyone needs to hear about it.

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