Pearl Thusi gushes on Nasty C’s talent

It’s believed that the real identifies real, and Pearl Thusi has just proven that after gushing at Nasty C’s talent on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the thespian said:

“Guys, one of these days we really need to discuss how God did too much when he portioned talent to Nasty C. Like if talent was oil and Nasty C was chicken, God said lemme deep fry this nigga.”

Her followers concurred with her tweet.

However, some weeks ago, Nasty C also hyped Pearl’s role as Queen Sono in the Netflix African series.

“@pearlthusi 🙇🏾🙇🏾🙇🏾 I’m mad fuckn proud of you!!!! You on fire!!🔥🔥 #QueenSono,” the rapper captioned Queen Sono’s trailer.

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