Rouge Freestyles: Fans & Celebs Thinks She Nailed It

Rouge in a bid to remind us of what she can do, recently shared a video of her busting out sizzling lines in a free-styling form. The buzz that followed was such that fans went gaga over the sheer display of talent in the video.

Immediately after the video surfaced, it didn’t take long for the likes, comments, and retweets to pour in, with it amounting to the thousands. There’s no doubt that Rouge is coming for 2020 with everything she’s got.

With the exception of fans who praised and commended her rapping skills, other celebrities (co-rappers) also showered praises on her.

Fellow rapper, JR, didn’t say anything, he simply commented on the video with a bunch of ‘fire’ emojis. He may not have said anything, but we feel JR thinks Rouge’s freestyle was fire.

tell them Rouge wants all the smoke.

2020 WE COMING. ALBUM AND ALL. #nova5T#huawei#Together2020

— #POPULARMUSICVIDEO OUT NOW (@Rouge_Rapper) December 28, 2019

Maps Maponyane said: “You have a lot of fun doing what you do and it’s great to witness.”

Masechaba Ndlovu had to say what everyone else was thinking: “Nailed it!”

In the midst of fire crackers sparking with her recent video, recall that Rouge had sometime earlier had social media users divided when she said she was the best female in the rap game.

This statement from her caused a lot of ruckus, even with rappers in the game having a divided view over it.

Although not everyone is convinced this is the truth, she’s certainly showing that she’s got what it takes to go far in the music world.

The sky is sparse for her to fly higher.

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