Tns recalls life before fame and reason for forgiving Prince Kaybee

Tns recalls his life before fame which eventually leads him to revealing why he had to forgive Prince Kaybee.

Despite what was pictured to be offensive to Tns from Prince, the Umona hitmaker let go of the beef between them and they are back together like nothing happened.

Tns reveals his sufferings before he met Kaybee, who later helped him shine in the industry.

The Ayobanga hitmaker says, if he doesn’t forgive Kaybee, he would be punished by God.

“God brought Prince Kaybee to free me from what I was going through and I will always remember and appreciate him for coming into my life. No matter what guys, I forgive him. God will punish me if I hold grudges after everything he’s done for me,” he said in part.

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