VIDEO: AKA recalls first meet with DJ Zinhle in excitement

AKA took us down memory lane while speaking to Helen Herimbi on her YouTube i(m)bali series.

The star tried to be open about his life and a little about his relationship with DJ Zinhle.

Speaking about dating the DJ, he said it all started when she sent him a DM.

Afterwards, they met in a gig and he tried shooting his shot but it failed.

“We got booked for this gig and I was so excited that she was booked for that gig coz’ I was like ‘Ohhh Yes!’. And you know … she didn’t let me hit it on the first date though […] But I got her eventually [LOL],” AKA said.

Though, it’s been rumored that the two have split again after reuniting in late 2018, but while the rapper recalled their first meet, there was much excitement in his first.

In fact, he concluded the talk with “I got her”.

Meanwhile, since the rumor of their split, the photo of an unknown girl posted by AKA is believed to be his new girl.

Watch the full conversation below:

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