Real Madrid, Amazed With Hazard

Real Madrid’s coaching staff are surprised with Eden Hazard’s physical condition after the injury. Now, the Belgian comes back at a key time in the season both for LaLiga and the Champions League.

Real Madrid is heading towards the most defining part of the season in the next few weeks and, as planned, they will do so with Eden Hazard. Fully recovered from his physical problems, the former Chelsea man is doing exceptionally well physically, to the extent that Zidane’s team is surprised with his progress.

Just after his injury against Paris Saint-Germain, the premise was clear: if all went according to plan, Hazard would be available for Real Madrid’s Champions League round of 16 match, in this case against Manchester City. Unless there’s a last-minute catastrophe, the goal has been achieved.

To achieve this, the club followed the player very closely, keeping an eye on his weight during recovery, as weight gain was a problem for the Belgian during the preseason. His return has taken a lot of patience, but now the team is reaping the benefits.

“Hazard is perfect, he could have continued playing against Celta,” said the club to ‘AS’. He was substituted in the second half because Zidane didn’t want to take any risks, but sources from the club have said he could have finished the match.

The plan of Madrid has been fulfilled and Hazard is in full conditions to face the difficult week ahead of them: the first leg of the round of sixteen against Manchester City on Wednesday and the great ‘Clásico’ against Barcelona.

To this end, although the ‘7’ is well physically, Zidane wants to return to the spark that brings the competitive pace of the games. He will start this Saturday against Levante, a team that’s known for proving difficult to big clubs.

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