AKA claims to be a single man At His Age


SA rapper, AKA leaves fans in a confused state after claiming to be a single man.

Speaculations about his split with DJ Zinhle was rumored weeks ago, but turned out to be slammed by the DJ.

However, during a recent interview with SPHEctacula And DJ Naves on Metro FM’s the King Suite, the rapper says his last vacation which he had some weeks ago in Korea, is his first as a single man.

Though, the statement needs more confirmation, but tweeps expressed their confusion.

“It’s been a crazy start to the year, I had to go away . I went on a very cold holiday.  As people might have noticed it’s my first holiday being  a single man for many many years. It was a bit different but you know it was a boy’s trip and it was all about just re-centering myself, the energies and just getting myself in the right frame of mind to continue to dominate the radio, the charts and everything else,” he said.

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