Sho Madjozi griefs sister’s death – “Everyday I think ok, I’ve accepted it”

Sho Madjozi is embraced in a world without her sister and she’s confessed to be seriously hurting.

Weeks ago, the singer’s sister was involved in a car accident which eventually led to her death.

Sho was off shows and even social media, but she’s gotten quite active within the few past days on Twitter, relieving her pains in words.

“You guys did not mention that the toughest thing after losing someone close to you is believing it. That the biggest effort will be spent suppressing the hope that there’s been a mistake, that the person is going to reappear somehow and that life will go back to normal.”

“We are so ridiculously optimistic as human beings. We always subconsciously hope for the best and that’s usually a good thing. But it doesn’t help in situations where you need to accept that the worst has happened and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“I don’t know how many times i will have to to push this same rock up this same hill. Everyday I think ok I’ve accepted it, then I wake up the next day and it’s like I’m being introduced to the news all over again.”


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