Sho Madjozi Opens Up On Little Sister’s Death

Words are ineffable to describe the loss of a loved one. Sho Madjozi happens to be one, being heartbroken over the death of her little sister, Makhananï Maganye.

Pretty Makhananï lost her life to a fatal car accident on December 17th, and had since been laid to rest on December 22.

Following the tragedy, the BET Award winner was booked off from all her performances for the festive season to allow her time to grieve.

The sensational singer took to Twitter on Sunday recently, where she did a lengthy thread about her hurts. She tweeted:

“I’ve had the most incredible year. But I don’t want to only share the wins and the successes with you guys, right now I’m experiencing the worst possible hurt”.

She also added, “When I heard the news I wanted to stop doing everything (and I did). So much of what I do is to give her and mama a better life. So I didn’t see the point in carrying on.”

The “Kona” mastermind also said she thought she was going to be in a hellhole forever, after her sister’s funeral.

But following what her manager showed her the next day, about her trending on Twitter, showing her pictures of girls she inspired, she felt grateful.

“No one will ever know how much that meant to me. Later I sat and went through all of the pictures by myself. Each one was like a star appearing on an impossibly dark night”.

She rounded it off by saying, she was grateful for the support from her fans, in times of her needs.

Sho Madjozi would definitely bounce back, we believe.

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