VIDEO: Patrick Ayoyi’s niece commits suicide after friends showed her the viral

After a video of him defining his niece went viral 24 hours ago and a subsequent arrest made earlier on today, Patrick’s Ayoyi’s saga gets a new twist and things have turned to the worst.

Soon after Ayoyi’s arrest, the niece she was defiling in the video that went viral commits suicide after fleeing away from her home. Villagers have been looking for her since the news of her disappearance circulated in the village only for her lifeless body to be found hanging on a tree in one of her relatives farms.

DCi, the District Police Commander Napak confirms the incident. He says her father Loduk Longol and the uncle are behind bars at the central police station to help with investigations into the incident. He explains that on the fateful day the uncle forced his niece into sex.

Later, the girl reported to her father and a bull was offered by the uncle to appease obscenity as traditions calls for in Karamoja. He adds that this did not go well with the daughter, who accused her parents of betrayal, after undergoing so much pain and ridicule.

DCI urges police to on serious community policing saying Karimojong believe in ending life in most cases. He adds that most suicide cases are registered amongst women in Karamoja. He advises the community to always seek assistance from the local leaders or the police other than suicide.

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