PICTURES: Man Who Filmed Himself Defiling His Niece Finally Nabbed

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga, the alleged defiler. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Detectives in Kericho County have reportedly arrested a man who recorded himself defiling a minor.

The man, Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga, hails from Sabatia, Vihiga county but works in Kericho as an accountant.

Patrick Ayoyi has been arrested and is being held at Nyagacho Police Station pending investigations and arraignment in court. Let us not tire in speaking out! Our voices matter!#usikimye #endsgbv

— Usikimye (@usikimye) February 16, 2020

In the self-incriminating video, he is seen in a blue shirt and red boxer shorts capturing his face and the whole act in a tiny room with a double-decker bed.

He then goes on to set the camera before proceeding to defile the teenage girl in his one-roomed house. The girl in question is said to have visited the family of the man to stay with them, and that she belongs to the perpetrator’s sister.

-Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga,born in Sabatia,Vihiga
-Works in Kericho
-Wife traveled to Amalemba,Kakamega for chama
-Girl born early 2000s,cleared KCPE 2018
-Worked in Kakamega,maid
-Went to stay with aunt,Patrick’s wife,in Kericho
-Not 1st time with Patrick
-Started habits in secondary

— Nahashon Kimemia (@nahashon87) February 16, 2020

After the incident elicited anger from the majority of social media users, Ayoyi deleted his Facebook account before going under, even as sleuths from the Child Protection Unit launched manhunt.

The lady trending on social media with her uncle. PHOTO | BMS

Some online reports, however, indicate that the girl could be the man’s daughter.

We can not share the video or photos of the incidence to protect the dignity of the victim, due to its disturbing nature.


KOT last night identified a suspected pedophile in what seemed to be an incest act on his own daughter. Retweet and tag Kericho residents until he is shamed in public.

Name: Patrick Ayoyi
Town: Kericho

*please blur the little girl.

— DTI KENYA (@DTI_Kenya) February 16, 2020

It is not yet clear whether the girl was underage or not, but incest charges could be preferred against the man.

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